Diversity & Inclusion: coursework abstract

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You are starting to consider implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy within your company – what next? What exactly should you expect out of a diversity & inclusion training course? At DLJ & Associates, our qualified instructors cover a wide range of theories and concepts to help you better understand diversity in your work culture. Some things you can expect to be covered in a diversity and inclusion workshop include:

  • Dignity and respect
  • Acceptance vs. tolerance
  • Cultural awareness
  • Dealing with personal biases and privilege; unconscious bias

Keep in mind that one or two diversity and inclusion courses is not a long-term solution for managing a diverse workforce. A diversity and inclusion course without implementation of a longer strategy is like taking aspirin when you have the flu – it treats the symptoms, not the problem. Business leaders need to look beyond basic “sensitivity awareness” and understand that diversity and inclusion is a commitment to an organizational culture. By doing this, you can achieve real changes within the various levels of your organization.