Staffing search deliverables

DLJ & Associates will deliver the following to meet your unique staffing needs:

  1. Meet with organization representatives to finalize job descriptions and salary survey, advertisements
    • finalize search process
  2. Coordinate with organization representatives to initiate search strategies:
    • advertising; tap community resources; job board postings; social media 
  3. Source and recruit a diverse pool of active and passive candidates
  4. Conduct candidate telephone screens 
  5. Develop candidate writing sample and in-box activities
  6. Distribute and collect writing sample to be included in interview binders
  7. Schedule initial F-2-F candidate interviews with organization representatives for top 3 candidates
  8. Coordinate with organization representatives to schedule candidate interviews
    • hiring manager, senior leadership, others
  9. Coordinate with organization representatives in preparing compensation package, offer letter, start date
  10. Coordinate with organization representatives to extend job offer
  11. Notify unsuccessful candidates of decision
  12. Close search

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