Staffing Solutions

DLJ & Associates knows that the strongest teams are built by only the best individuals united in a mission. Our staffing solutions allow you to fill your workforce as efficiently as possible with committed, professional employees. Our mission means that we always endeavor to provide well-managed human resources in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Revitalize your organization with the talented staff it merits by contacting us about our personalized solutions.

Staffing Services

At DLJ & Associates, we go beyond finding candidates with the right qualifications. Our staffing solutions take a comprehensive approach in helping business leaders discover motivated, productive individuals who will integrate seamlessly with your company’s culture. We understand that creating a talented workforce takes a lot of investment – resources that companies cannot afford to spend day-in and day-out. With DLJ & Associates, you have access to a dedicated network of human resource specialists who will save your company the time and effort better used elsewhere.

Search Deliverables You Can Trust

The DLJ & Associates search process starts with you. We schedule a meeting with your organization’s representatives to assist in finalizing job descriptions and salary range, developing and placing advertisements, and initiating and utilizing search strategies. After the initial planning, our associates will source and recruit a diverse pool of active and passive candidates, conduct multiple screenings, and collect materials and samples that will be included in interview binders.

After careful screening, we coordinate with your representatives to schedule interviews for the top three (3) candidates as well as coordinate interviews with the hiring manager and, if appropriate, members of the senior leadership team or board of directors. Once your ideal candidate is determined, our team can further assist you with the preparation of compensation packages, offer letters and start dates. We will even close the search for you by notifying the unsuccessful candidates of your decision.

Whether you are searching for temporary, part-time or full-time staff members, DLJ & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to ensure every candidate placement is a complete success for your company.

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